101 ARW Who We Are

Members of the Maine Air National Guard are a diverse group of citizens (students, workers, parents, prior-service members) who serve one weekend per month plus 15 days of annual training per year. By serving in a part-time capacity, Air Guard members enjoy the many benefits of military service while simultaneously pursuing their civilian careers, education, and personal goals. As a reserve component of the US Air Force, one of our primary missions is to the federal government in support of national security objectives.

When not directly supporting the Air Force, we fall under the leadership of our state governor to protect life and property, and to preserve peace, order and public safety within our state and communities.

The history of the "Air Guard" is a story of people like yourself. We are woven from the fabric of every community across this great state with the common goal of keeping our freedom and way of life secure from those who would threaten it. The Air National Guard is an organization that cares through service to: our local community, state, and nation. You too can serve part-time with the Maine Air Guard. Your hometown Air Force is the most important part-time job in Maine! Get to know us better! Women, minorities, and prior service personnel are encouraged to apply.

Recruiting & Retention Team

State Recruiting & Retention
Superintendent/Health Professions Recruiter

DSN: 698-6125
Cell: 207-478-2883

Call Bangor Toll Free at 1-800-643-2384

Retention Office Manager
Commercial: 207-404-7391 
DSN: 698-7391

Commercial: 207-404-7720
DSN 698-7720
Cell: 207-659-9542 or 207-659-9543

Call Portland Toll Free at 1-800-549-9197

Recruiting and Retention NCO
DSN: 243-7904
Commercial: 207-756-7911 
Cell: 207-415-3487  

Commercial: 207-756-7904
DSN: 243-7911

Non-rated Officer

Preparing an Officer Application Package for Entrance into the Maine Air National Guard
This information is provided to assist you in preparing your Officer Application Package.


Health Professions Officer

For information about Health Professions Careers and Application Process click here.

Part Time Careers

Career Opportunities

An Abbreviated list of Careers in the Air National Guard

Human Resources Civil Engineering
Supply Management Fire Department
Aircraft Maintenance Cable Fiber Optics
Vehicle Maintenance Computer Systems
Guidance & Control Ground Radio
Jet Propulsion Medical
Ground Equipment Security Forces
Hydraulics Satellite Comm
Environmental Systems Culinary Arts
Metals Technology Information Management
In Flight Refueling Judge Advocate General
Safety Aircrew Life Support
Avionics Aircraft Communication
Aircraft Fuels Survival Equipment
Mobility Pilot Logistics Plans
Traffic Management Vehicle Operations
Surgeon Public Affairs
Engineering Public Health
Bio-Environmental Paralegal
Chaplain Munitions
Laboratory Technician Services

Pilot Training

If selected for a pilot position, your obligation to the Air National Guard will be 10 years of service upon completion of training. You will be required to fly at least 4 sorties per month, attend 1 drill weekend each month and be available for off base deployments each quarter.

This application workbook contains information regarding your application for Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) with the Maine Air National Guard in Bangor. It contains the eligibility and application requirements. It also includes all of the important information that you will need to be considered for an interview.

Questions regarding the application process may be directed to the Recruiting Office. The toll-free number is 800-643-2384.

News and Links

We are the Maine Air National Guard!
Call our offices in
Bangor 800-643-2384 or
South Portland 800-549-9197
for more information.

How to Join


Non-Prior Service Requirements
(If you've never been in any military service):
-At least 17 years old (with parental or guardian consent), and up to the age of 39 years old.
-High school senior, graduate, or equivalent
- US citizen
-No personal history of major law violations or illegal drug use
-Be in good health, to include meeting height and weight standards
-Pass the standard military aptitude test
-Pass the standard military physical exam

For more information call a recruiting office near you!
Bangor- 207-404-7720 Portland- 207-756-7904

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Benefits. . . and there are many!

$ Money $ * Educational Benefits * Paid Training * Retirement * More!
*--To determine YOUR eligibility for the most current and up to date benefit information, please see your local Air Guard Recruiter!

You'll earn excellent pay for working only one weekend per month (see your recruiter for YOUR starting pay!). Your pay will be further enhanced by pay increases (every two years), promotions, as well as annual cost of living increases throughout your Air Guard career.

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