Environmental Documents for Review
101 ARW announces the availability of the following Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) and Draft Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for implementation of Installation Development Plan (IDP) actions at Bangor Air National Guard Base. Please click on the links below to access the Draft EA and Draft FONSI. A 30-day public comment period of the Draft EA and Draft
FONSI, as required by the National Environmental Policy Act, will begin on July 5, 2022 and end August 5, 2022. Comments on the Draft EA and Draft FONSI can be submitted by mail to Ms. Christine Yott, ATTN: 101 ARW EA, NGB/A4AM, Shepperd Hall, 3501 Fetchet Avenue, Joint Base Andrews, MD 20762-5157, or email to NGB.A4.A4A.NEPA.COMMENTS.Org@us.af.mil with the subject line ATTN: Bangor EA. Comments are requested by August 5, 2022.

  • Draft EA of Implementation of the IDP at the 101st Air Refueling Wing, Bangor Air National Guard Base, Bangor, Maine
  • Draft FONSI of the EA of Implementation of the IDP at the 101st Air Refueling Wing, Bangor Air National Guard Base, Bangor, Maine
Video by Master Sgt. Andrew Sinclair
The MAINEiac Radio Show Episode LVIII
101st Air Refueling Wing/Public Affairs
Nov. 29, 2021 | 8:18
Colonel Ian Gillis is our new Wing Commander and he wants to share his vision and message with all of us. We were lucky enough to get him on the podcast so he can share that message!

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mission statement

Deploy and employ air refueling, airlift, expeditionary aerospace and combat support forces around the world, while supporting National Security, Homeland Defense, and State of Maine objectives at home.

Vision Statement

To be a world-class organization, inspiring all to achieve their full potential, while building on the MAINEiac tradition of excellence, teamwork and commitment to themission.


Maine Air National Guard Environmental Commitment Statement
The Maine Air National Guard is committed to a sustainable environment as one of our core competencies balanced with our mission. The organization will help ensure its future by using resources to meet current missions without compromising the ability of future airmen. Mission execution within the framework of a sustainable environment extends the culture of peer accountability. The following concepts and strategies guide the environmental management program for all members of the 101st Air Refueling Wing: