24 Hour Space Available Recording:
(207) 404-7018, DSN 698-7018
Fax: (207) 404-7781, DSN 698-7781

Confirmation of Manifest: (207) 404-7612, DSN 698-7612

General Information
A. Space available air transportation is a privilege extended to active duty military members, Department of Defense (DoD) civilians, retired military personnel, and their dependents. This program is governed by DoD Regulation 4515.13R, Air Transportation Eligibility. Prior to acceptance, all personnel must meet the requirements outlined in this regulation.
B. Traveling space available on DoD owned or controlled aircraft is subject to mission requirements. Aircraft departing Bangor ANG are normally configured for the movement of official duty passengers and/or cargo. Once all duty passengers are accommodated, any remaining seats will then be offered to our space available passengers. Every attempt will be made to utilize all available seats.
C. 101st ARW cannot guarantee seats to space available passengers. The acceptance of a space available passenger for a flight does not obligate the US Government or 101st ARW to continue their travel or return passengers to their point of origin. Since complete travel to the desired destination cannot be guaranteed, space available passengers should be prepared to defray the cost of onward (or return) movement by commercial transportation, along with other essential personal expenses. 


A. All trips that have been opened for Space Available travel will be posted 30 days prior to travel.
B. Persons wishing to register for space available travel can do so in person at Base Operations, building 518, or by fax (207-404-7781) if you are not able to show in person.
C. Registration will take place during normal duty hours, Monday thru Friday.
D. Uniformed Services members on active duty must be in a leave or pass status to register for space-available travel, remain in a leave or pass status while awaiting travel, and be in a leave or pass status the entire period of travel. E. Sponsors may register their family when traveling together; however, all required travel documents must be present at that time. Our passenger service personnel may also request to see your documents at the show time of your flight:

        a. All personnel must possess a valid ID. This does not apply to     
            dependents under the age of 10.
        b. Leave authorization for active duty military members on ordinary leave.
        c. Environmental Morale Leave (EML) authorizations for eligible EML    
        d. DD Form 1853 (Authentication of Reserve Status for Travel Eligibility) 
            or notice of retirement eligibility for members of the reserve component.
        e. Emergency leave or permissive temporary duty (TDY) orders.
        f.  Medal of Honor recipients are required to present Medal of Honor Award 
        g. Passport/visa(s) and immunization records when traveling to overseas  
            areas when applicable.
F. Upon registration you will be offered air transportation on a "first-in, first-out" basis (regardless of rank or service), based upon established space available categories.
G. All trips will close for sign-up at 0800 on the duty day prior to the flight. At that time, the manifest will be prepared. Individuals should call 404-7612 after 0900 to determine if they are manifested and for reporting instructions.

Active duty military members and dependents on emergency leave. 

Active duty military members and their dependents on leave or pass status and Medal of Honor recipients. Active duty on house hunting orders (only 1 dependent allowed) 

British, Canadian, and Australian Exchange Officers/ Enlisted personnel on duty with the DoD when traveling in a leave or pass status; and active duty military members traveling on permissive TDY/TAD orders. 

Retired military members and their dependents, ROTC students of the Uniformed Services receiving financial assistance and advance training, and members of the guard/reserve components. 

Overseas Space A Categories

Verified non-funded emergency leave for civilians, dependents of members of the Uniformed Services and other civilian personnel serving with a DoD component overseas UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES (Check with DoD Reg 4515.13R, Table 6-1 for specific occurrences).
Note: The category 1 travel privilege shall not be used in lieu of a funded travel entitlement 

Active duty military members, DoD civilians, and their accompanied dependents traveling on EML. DoDDS teachers and their accompanied dependents on EML status during the school year. 

Active duty military members and their accompanied dependents on ordinary leave. Cadets and midshipmen of the US service academies, when on a leave status. Medal of Honor recipients and their accompanied dependents presenting DD Form 1173 (Dependent ID card) and permissive TDY for house hunting pending PCS move and one accompanied dependent. 

Unaccompanied dependents (18 years or older) traveling on EML. DoDDS teachers and their accompanied dependents on an EML status during the summer break. 

Active duty military members traveling permissive TDY; British, Canadian, and Australian Exchange Officers/Enlisted personnel on duty with the DoD, when traveling on a leave status, and their accompanied dependents; and student travel. Travel restrictions may apply to certain overseas destinations as determined by the appropriate unified commander. Documentation signed by the sponsor's commander verifying command sponsorship shall be presented to air terminal personnel and shall be in the dependent's possession during travel. This documentation is valid for one round-trip from sponsor's PCS location. An eligible parent or legal guardian must accompany dependents under 18 years of age. 

Retired military personnel and their accompanied dependents; and members of the reserve components traveling between Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, America Samoa, the Virgin Islands, Guam, and the CONUS. 


A. Baggage allowance for Space A passengers is two pieces not exceeding 70 pounds each. All personal baggage must have current identification with a phone number and forwarding address. AMC identification tags are available at the time of departure. PASSENGERS AND ALL BAGGAGE ARE SUBJECT TO SEARCH UNDER FEDERAL LAWS AND AS A CONDITION OF TRAVEL.

B. Excess baggage is not authorized for Space Available passengers.

C. Helpful baggage tips:
Allow yourself sufficient time to arrive at the passenger terminal, park and get your baggage inside and through the security checkpoint.
Remove any previous baggage destination tags before checking in.
TSA restrictions apply to all Space A flights.

Space A Roll Call
A. Normally, a space available roll call will be conducted at Security Forces, building 491, 2 hours prior to departure on all flights. Selection will begin with the passenger having the highest category of travel with the earliest date and time of sign-up.

B. Space available flights are subject to change without prior notice.

C. If there are open seats available at the time of departure, the only additions to the manifest will be persons that signed up prior to the cutoff and are present for roll call.

D. Once selected for space available travel; you will be required to show your ID card and all other pertinent documentation.
Miscellaneous Travel Info

A. Personnel traveling aboard all Air Force organic or commercial contract (chartered) aircraft may wear civilian clothing, if desired, regardless of duty status or destination. Those who choose to wear a uniform will wear one of the blue service uniform combinations as authorized in AFI 36-2903. For personnel traveling on Air Force aircraft between military bases, the BDU is an acceptable uniform.

B. Retired military members may wear civilian clothing. Those choosing to wear civilian clothing will ensure it is neat, clean and warm enough for in-flight operations and appropriate for the mode of travel and destination. Examples of inappropriate clothing: ripped, torn, frayed or patched clothing; tank tops, short skirts, under-garments worn as outer-garments, bathing suits, open-toed shoes, sandals, high heels; any garment which is revealing or contains obscene, profane, lewd words or drawings.

C. Smoking is PROHIBITED on all flights.

D. DISABLED PASSENGERS - Every effort shall be made to transport passengers with disabilities who are otherwise eligible to travel. Passenger service personnel and crew members shall provide assistance in loading, seating and unloading the disabled passenger. Travel may be disapproved by the chief of the passenger travel section or the aircraft commander if there is an unacceptable risk to the safety of the disabled passenger, other passengers or the crew, or if operational necessity or equipment or manpower limitations preclude accepting disabled passengers. Such disapprovals shall be rare. In such cases, air terminal personnel must ensure that the passenger understands why air transport is not possible on the mission in question. When a disabled passenger is denied transportation for the above reasons, and when his or her sponsor or dependent, who is otherwise eligible to travel, accompanies the disabled passenger to assist in his or her needs, travel shall be approved if such assistance will eliminate the reasons for denying travel.

E. Long and short-term parking is available in the parking area of building 417.

F. It is the responsibility of the traveler to obtain housing and transportation at the destination and to sign up for the return trip. 

DD FORM 1853 Verification of Reserve Status for Travel Eligibility