Preparing an Officer Application Package for entrance into the Maine Air National Guard

PLEASE NOTE: you will need to download a viewer in order to read the .xfd files.   You can obtain it here.

This information is provided to assist you in preparing your Officer Application Package.

Here are some links that will be helpful for you to prepare your Officer Application Package

Complete and include the following:
Application for Appointment in the Air National Guard Form 

AF Form 24 - Application for Appointment as Reserve of the Air Force
http://www.e-publishing.af.mil/shared/media/epubs/AF24.XFD (AF Form 24 must be typed)

SF 86 Security Clearance Questionnaire (not required for current military with a documented secret clearance)

AF Form 2030 - USAF Drug & Alcohol Abuse Certificate (Required for everyone - even if you have one on file, it must be updated)
You must use your initials (first, middle and last) in the responses ... "x" or a check mark is not accepted. Thank you!

AF Form 357 - Family Care Certification
Required for all applicants with dependents under age 18

"Statement of Understanding & Agreement"
Directions for Word File Print this file and initial each applicable statement. For those not applicable, simply put N/A in the blank. DON'T SIGN THE FORM! !
Include it in your package and signatures will be accomplished when reviewed in person with the Director of Personnel / DP.

Current Military Members must include the following:
1. If enlisted / last three Enlisted Performance Reviews (EPRs)
2. If officer / last three Officer Performance Review (OPRs)
3. Both officer and enlisted / current Fitnesss Evaluation

Former Military Members must include the following:
1. If enlisted / last three EPRs
2. If officer / last three OPRs

Commissioning Physical - You must be medically qualified for a commission; either by the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) or an Air National Guard Certified Flight Surgeon at a military medical facility.

No link, but also required:

College Transcripts - Originals mailed directly to 101 ARW, MPF/RS - 102 Ashley Ave, Suite 489, Bangor, ME 04401
Must say "Official Transcript". We cannot accept "Student Official Transcript". Thank you!

Air Force Officer Qualification Test (AFOQT) scores. If you haven't tested, or need a copy your scores, contact  the Military Personnel Flight at 990-7395.

For professional categories, Chaplain, Medical, Dental, Legal - contact MSgt Craig for additional credentials requirements.

Please call with questions.
This information is provided to assist you, but not take the place of contacting the Recruiting office!

Thank You!