benefits. . . and there are many!
$ Money $ * Educational Benefits * Paid Training * Retirement * More !

*--To determine YOUR eligibility for the most current and up to date benefit information, please see your local Air Guard Recruiter!

money. . .

You'll earn excellent pay for working only one weekend per month (see your recruiter for YOUR starting pay!). Your pay will be further enhanced by pay increases (every two years), promotions, as well as annual cost of living increases throughout your Air Guard career.

education. . .

The Maine Air National Guard offers a variety of educational benefits:

Montgomery GI Bill (Basic)

If you have your sights set on improving your education, the GI Bill is here to help! In addition to your regular Air Guard pay, the GI Bill can provide educational dollars paid directly to you according to your student status (Total Worth: Over $9,000).

*Non-prior service personnel, attending college/technical school as full-time students, can start out earning over $400 per month!! ALL jobs qualify for the Montgomery GI Bill (Basic).

GI Bill "Kicker"

Paid to any one of twelve eligible job specialties, the GI Bill "Kicker" pays money above and beyond the basic GI Bill. When combined with the GI Bill (Basic) amounts increase to:

Allows our newest members to earn over $700 per month (salary, GI Bill + GI Bill "Kicker")--even more for prior-service personnel. All this for only two days per month!! (Total Worth: Over $21,000).

Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP)

The SLRP can pay up to $20,000 on outstanding government guaranteed students loans. Ask your recruiter for a list of eligible career fields.

Community College of the Air Force (CCAF)

Membership provides you with automatic enrollment the largest community college in the world! CCAF will help you earn an Associate Degree in your Air National Guard job specialty. CCAF will translate your ANG technical training and on-the-job training and apply them to your CCAF transcript. Any college courses you have previously taken may also be eligible for CCAF credit. See your dreams of an Associate Degree become a reality through the CCAF!

Paid Training

Basic Training

Basic military training is eight weeks at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas. The shortest of all the services, you'll receive physical and academic instruction for a fast-paced 6 weeks. (Non-prior service members only).

Technical Training

Our members receive the same world-class technical training that all Air Force members receive. You'll attend one our modern technical training centers and enjoy a full-time academic environment. You'll receive cutting edge training using the most up-to-date equipment and facilities. Upon graduation, you will come back to Maine where we will continue your training during your one weekend a month and 15 days a year. As you progress in your Air Guard career, your training is designed to increase your proficiency and keep you up to date with the advancements in technology. You will also receive college credit for the completion of your technical training! And, since the Air National Guard is part-time, you'll be able to put your training to use right away by getting a well-paying civilian job!

Retirement . . .

Members of the Air National Guard are enrolled in a non contributory ("free") retirement program. With a total of 20 years service (including prior service, if applicable), you will lock in a retirement program that could add several hundred dollars per month to your retirement income. Where else could you accomplish this for only 39 days per year?

Other benefits . . .

Pride And Satisfaction. Perhaps the most important benefit is the pride and satisfaction of working alongside dedicated people just like you from all walks of life. They all share one thing in common: A desire to make the most of their opportunities in life while making their community, state and nation a better place to live!

Bonuses. Depending on the job specialty you select, you may be eligible for a cash incentive. Contact our recruiters for amounts and eligible career fields.

Life Insurance. Members are eligible to purchase extremely low cost life insurance that covers them 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. You can currently purchase up to $400,000. Coverage can also be extended to spouse and children.

Dental Insurance. Members are eligible to purchase extremely low cost dental insurance that covers routine check-ups and cleanings. Other dental work is covered on a percentage basis. Dental coverage is provided at a current cost of $11.10/month.

Travel Opportunities. In recent years, members of the Air National Guard have been provided opportunities to deploy to all parts of the world. Also, as a member, you become eligible to fly for free on military aircraft anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Access To Military Bases. Your and your dependents will have access to use military bases all over the world. You'll be able to take advantage of department stores, grocery stores, hotels, and recreational facilities like campgrounds, theaters, gyms, and golf courses--all at significant savings over what you would pay almost anywhere else!

Part-Time Service. Committed to serve only one weekend per month and fifteen days per year. Because you're serving in a part-time capacity, you are free to pursue your education and/or career opportunities on a full-time basis.

Opportunities for Full-Time Employment. Once you're a member, you may become eligible to apply for opportunities as a full-time member.

Commissioning Opportunities. Once you have completed your Bachelors Degree, you may be eligible to join the countless number of those who have gone on to get their commission and become an officer with the Air National Guard.

Employment Rights. Federal laws guarantee your re-employment rights, enabling you to perform all your required Air National Guard training without jeopardizing the status and security of your civilian employment.