Non-Prior Service Requirements
(If you've never been in any military service):
-At least 17 years old (with parental or guardian consent), and not older than 34
-High school senior, graduate, or equivalent
- US citizen
-No personal history of major law violations or illegal drug use
-Be in good health, to include meeting height and weight standards
-Pass the standard military aptitude test
-Pass the standard military physical exam

Prior Service Requirements
In addition to most of the above, also:
-Possess DD Form 214 with acceptable Re-enlistment code or NGB Form 22 or ...reserve discharge order.
-Mentally and physically qualified
-Ability to complete 20 years "combined" service prior to age 60

If you think you qualify...here's what happens...

Step 1: The Interview. We'd like to set up an appointment with you to see what your interests and goals are. We would also like to further explain the mission of the Air National Guard and the benefits of membership. In essence, this is a fact finding mission for both us to enable us to determine whether we need to go to Step 2.

Step 2: Aptitude & Physical Exams. The aptitude exam is completely multiple choice. The results will determine your strengths in mechanics, administration, general and electrical areas. It will also determine which jobs will be best suited for you. The physical exam will be conducted by a physician to ensure you qualify for military duty. We use the combined results of these two exams to determine your qualification for duty as well as the options you will have in determining your job selection.

Step 3: Job Selection. With the results of your aptitude and physical exams, we are ready to review the list of job options you qualify for. We will identify the career options that offer additional incentives and benefits, discuss the length and locations of technical schools, etc., to help you focus on the correct career choice for you. Once you've narrowed down your choices, we will coordinate a briefing with the section supervisor in the area you are most interesting in pursuing.

Step 4: Enlistment Day. Once you're comfortable with your job selection, we will schedule your enlistment day! We encourage you to invite your family and/or friends to witness and share in this important event!

Step 5: Training. Once you've enlisted, your recruiter will coordinate a schedule for you to attend basic training and your follow-on technical school. Prior service personnel will coordinate the scheduling of a technical school if they are cross-training into a new career field